Dempsey Corner Orchards

Dempsey Corner Orchards



Meet the Bowlbys; a 6th generation family of farmers that have called the Annapolis Valley “home sweet home” for 140 years. Join them for a day of fun on the farm!

Guided walking day tour includes;
-Historic tour through the 140 year old barn and grounds while sampling fresh fruit (and no one will slap your fingers)
-Feed the flippin' fish at the fish pond
-Bottle feed the baby animals, gather the eggs and tickle the ears of the larger than life personalities at the petting zoo
$5.00 per person
For $2.00 per person enjoy a wagon ride (min 10ppl)
duration- 1.5 hours – 2 hours

U-pick your own fruit and veggies as the come into season!
(Bags and boxes provided. Prices and availability subject to change)

Fresh prepared lunches available with seasonal ingredients, all under $10.00!
Indulge in the famous chocolate cherry cheesecake muffins or fresh fruit pies from the “scratch bakery.”
Dempsey Corner is wheelchair assessable and has their very own flush toilet! :)

Open May – October

Visit the website!
902-847-1855 please call to book ahead!
Aylesford, NS

offered at Dempsey Corner Orchards *dates may change according to Mother Nature.

Strawberries (3 varieties) June 16-July 10
Cherries (12 varieties) July 5 - July 22
Raspberries (3 varieties) July 5 - August 10*
Blueberries (6 varieties) July 10 - August 15
Corn (11 varieties) August 1 - November 1
Apples (57 varieties) August 5 - Nov 10
Plums (13 varieties) August 8 - Sept 25
Peaches (4 varieties) August 21 - Sept 21
Squash (9 varieties) September 1 - Nov 22
Pears (7 varieties) September 10 - October 21
Pumpkins (5 varieties) September 25 - Nov 1
Grapes (3 varieties) October 10 – October 31
Potatoes (4 varieties) August 1 - November

Events to remember

Cherry “Feastival” – July 7 -8
Peachy Palooza – August 11 –12
Scarecrow Festival – September 1 -3
Thanksgiving Harvest Weekend – October 6 – 8
Pumpkin Festival – October 20 -21

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